Hår, Scandinavian for “hair”, defines excellence in transformative hair care.

Hår by Merria Dearman is a New York-based hair studio. It is the destination for transformative hair care and styling. Founded by the legendary custom wigmaker, designer and hairstylist, Merria Dearman, Hår is devoted to providing unrivaled services and bespoke solutions, reinventing the art of hair one strand at a time.


  • Haircut
  • Hair Color
  • Custom Hairpieces
  • Renovations on any hairpiece
  • Cranial prosthetics for medically related hair loss
  • In Person Consultations
  • Skype Consultations @merria.dearman.1



Merria Dearman is located on

414 East 58th St.

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 646-596-9611

E-mail: info@merriadearman.com

By appointment only.